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Spooky Grab Bags!

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Finding it hard to make a choice? We understand! Sometimes it's hard to figure out which ones you wanna get without smelling them first. Thankfully, we're now offering grab bags! Each sample bar is about an inch in size, are made with our goat milk soap base, and are an assortment of scents and colors we offer! We'll do our absolute best to make sure you get a wide variety!

Spooky Sample Bag: 5 randomly picked little sample soaps, equivalent to 1 soap bar! They'll be a variety of scents and colors.

Eerily Accurate Sample Bag: 5 samples soaps, of scents you're specifically curious about! Please use the comment box at check out to fill in what bars you're especially curious how they smell!

"You Choose" Bar: Can't make a choice at all but want one big soap instead of 5 small ones? Pick this option and get 1 regular soap bar, picked at random!

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