About Ethereal Hive Crafts


I started making simple soaps with an idea in mind: Fandoms. Fans love things made to represent their favorite characters, myself included. I wanted some soap to represent my favorite characters and got to planning. And then I thought of more...and more...

And now I’ve got over 100 designs, and I’m learning more every time I made another batch.

I do my best to use the best materials I can from companies who give back to communities, do their part to be environmentally conscientious, pay their employees well and provide plenty of benefits, have safe working conditions...and when possible, I support independent creators.


I’m Briar, a 30-something non-binary queer creator living in the Greater Boston area. When I’m not making a hilariously large amount of soap, I’m also playing video games, table-top games, listening to too many podcasts, making games, drawing, writing, cosplaying, gardening, and LARPing! I live with my girlfriend and our very weirdly affectionate cats. I can usually be found with a cup of coffee in hand.