Custom orders are absolutely welcome! Custom orders are specifically for designs not listed for sale otherwise. Unfortunately, at this time, I am not able to accommodate for bulk orders.

Please use the custom order listing for a 6 bar batch, or use the contact page for orders over 50 items. I'll be more than happy to work out pricing with you to figure out your needs.

Caring for Your Soap

Soap bars last longest and best if they're kept up out of the water and are allowed to dry fully between uses! There's a ton of suggestions available online on how to make them last the longest you can: a good soap dish that allows water to drain off and keeping your soap bar out of running water is your best bet to make it last the longest possible! Consider our very own Ghost Garden Resin Works soap dishes.

Product Details

Soap Sizes:

While the size of each bar of soap varies, most of our soaps are around 2.5 oz and around 1-2 inches in depth. All other measurements vary, and some soaps may be larger in either size or weight.


A list of all the scents we use for each of our soaps, bath bombs, and candles can be found below. We've broken these down into a handful of lists, to make it easier for you to find a particular soap's scents, or peruse our entire on-hand stock of scents for your custom orders.

Please note that this is a work-in-progress and may not always be updated to the most recent offerings.

Ingredients, Sustainability, Allergens:

Ethereal Hive Crafts does its best to get ingredients from small businesses that are sustainably and ethically sourced. All of our products are the highest quality we can get and are safe for you and the environment. That's right, even our glitter is biodegradable and sustainable! We're proud to get our supplies from businesses such as Brambleberry and MadMicas.

Our packaging, from boxes, bags, and labels, all the way down to the tissue paper and shrink-wrap around your bar are all recycled, recyclable, and/or reusable! Even our stickers are: many of our shipping supplies are from noissue.: check out how they're dedicated to making custom packing supplies that are eco-friendly and planting a tree to help reforest the world! We're proud to be part of their eco-alliance.

We are proud to say that our soap bars are absolutely SLS and SLES-free. Many people have a sensitivity to SLS without knowing it! We get our soap base from SFIC, who pride themselves on many key points that are important to us here at The Hive, including supporting local farms and sustainable growing for their plant-based bases. Learn more about SFIC here.

Ethereal Hive Crafts is also working on minimizing the potential of common skin-contact allergens, including Red-40. All products include an ingredients list to make it easier to tell if a product has a common allergen. We can't 100% cover all allergies, but we do our best.

Most of our fragrances are made with synthetic scents. If you have a particular sensitivity or allergy to a note, feel free to reach out to find out if that scent is synthetic or not. We do understand some sensitivities occur only with synthetics, or regardless if naturally occurring vs synthetic.

If you have concerns about a specific contact allergy, feel free to contact us at any time via our contact page. We'll get back to you as soon as we can about it to make sure you can find a bar that's safe for you.

Why We Organize The Way We Do

To keep it simple: this is the best way! There's a whole long conversation that can be had here, but the fastest way to sum it up is that due to copyright laws, and the fact that our goods count as fanworks, we're not allowed to necessarily say something is, but we are allowed to say it's inspired by. If you're ever looking for something in particular, try searching by a character name or a general fandom, because odds are...well, I likely forgot to add a tag, but it's there in the description.